At Spot-On Services, we are committed to the mission of sustainability in every aspect of our business. We work tirelessly to fulfill this mission in our products, our operation, and our corporate culture. 


We Recycle. We recycle lumber, plastic, paper, cardboard, and metal with a strong focus on keeping as much material out of the landfills as possible. 


We actively work to reduce our carbon footprint as a manufacturer of goods by using energy efficient lighting, tools, and creating a warehouse layout which allows for operational efficiencies. 


We adhere to a culture of sustainability by educating and training our workforce and providing policies and procedures that marry growth with sustainability. 

At Spot-On Services, we recognize that we are mere visitors to this planet. It is our duty to care for the natural resources provided to us and to invest in the health and sustainability of these natural resources.  

We are committed to continuously work with our suppliers and our customers to promote and practice sustainability in everything that we do.