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We Recycle; Pallets(Wood), Cardboard Bales, Stretch Film (Plastic).

Custom Pallets Are a Tailor-Made Solution

Not All Pallets Are Created Equal

 A grade/ B grade, custom sizing, We sell premier 48×40 pallets

Our custom pallet design delivers a product that meets your exact needs. We can create a totally new pallet or redesign an existing one to conform to any set of guidelines. 

Our custom pallets will meet your requirements. We can analyze your products, distribution, and storage requirements to create a pallet that is exactly what your business needs.

We have many pre-made designs that can be tailored to meet your specifications.

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Custom Pallets Provide Better Support

Our custom design experts take into account the weight, size, and other parameters of your product. This ensures that our pallets provide the best support for your products.

Optimize Your Warehouse Space

We take into account your warehouse space and capabilities and ensure that our products make the most efficient use of your space.

Can Lead to Lower Packaging Costs

When a pallet properly supports your product, it may be possible to lower the cost of packaging needed to protect your product.

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Custom Pallet Recycling Services

Solutions Guaranteed to Make a Difference

Spot On Services provides expert wood pallet recycling services to businesses 

We have the ability to pick up your pallets or allow pallet yard drop-offs at our Dallas, TX  location. we are the premier pallet recycling company in the Texas area.

Whether your business has one location or multiple, we have the ability to custom design recycling programs that address the specific needs of your business and are guaranteed to increase the value of your supply chain.

Single Expert Voice

With our Dallas location Spot On Services has the ability to service all of your locations and provide a single point of contact for your pallet recycling programs.

High Volume Recycling Capabilities

Due to our size and vast resources, we can pick up pallets at a high volume, on short notice, and provide multiple drop-trailers for more robust programs.

Additional Source of Revenue

Depending on the size and condition of your pallets, Spot On Services will pay fair market value for them. This creates an additional revenue source for your busines.

Who Buys Pallets? We Do!

Service You Can Trust

Whether your pallets are broken beyond repair or just need a little TLC, Spot On Services buys pallets, we and can help find a new home or use it for them.

For pallets that can be repaired and re-sold, we will purchase them at a fair market price. Depending on your location and volumes, we’ll even pick up scrap pallets at little or no cost.

No longer do you have to wonder who will buy your used pallets. Spot On Services will develop a program specific to your needs, all while working together with your business to ensure environmental sustainability.

Pallets in Wearhouse

Creates Extra Revenue Streams

Our system is built on complete transparency.  Spot On Services will count and inspect your pallets honestly and report all counts efficiently.

A System Built on Integrity & Ethics

Due to our size and vast resources, we can pick up pallets at a high volume, on short notice, and provide multiple drop-trailers for more robust programs.

High Volume Support & Drop Trailers

Due to our vast resources, Spot On Services can take in pallets at high volumes and offer multiple drop trailers on-site to aid in pallet disposal.

Warehouse Support Services

Equipment For All Your Warehouse needs